Your Summer Hack to a Quick Six Pack!

By Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

Get That Summer Six Pack Fast!
1 Month, 1 Program – That’s All You Need!

You want a shredded mid-section fast?  You got it!  Combined with a clean, protein-rich diet that’s low in carbs, the following original 4 week, 4 workouts/week program is just what you’re looking for.  Here, we’re going to nuke all areas of your mid-section, from your upper and lower abs, to your obliques and your core in general.

In keeping with the 4 x 4 theme, you’ll perform 4 exercises per workout and each will be done for 4 sets.  The number of reps will vary.  Be sure to use excellent form and don’t plow your way through these in a rush.  We want to not only chisel your abs, but also encourage muscle growth there too.  So be sure to stock up and consume plenty of protein!

Throughout the duration of this program, be sure also to increase your water consumption for three reasons:

1.  To help expel any retaining water you’re holding onto
2.  To stimulate your metabolism for fat burning
3.  To help supplemental protein assimilate

So let’s have at it!  Here’s Monday's portion - Be sure to check in the rest of the week, for the next four sections, to compete your weekly split:


MONDAY (Emphasis: Lower Abs)

 Exercise  Set Reps  Rest
Hanging Knee Raise  4 10-12  45 secs.
Reverse Crunch  4 10-12 45 secs.
Decline Crunch  4 12-15 45 secs.
Oblique Twist  4 15-20 45 secs.


Exercise Descriptions:

Grasp an overhead bar with both hands at shoulder width using an overhand grip.  Hang freely with your body elongated and feet together.  When you’ve stabilized yourself, draw your knees upward until your quads are parallel to the floor and your calves perpendicular.  Hold for one second, then lower along the same path.

Lie on the floor facing upward with legs together and your arms at your sides.  Raise your legs such that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and your calves parallel.  Draw your knees in toward your face; your lower back will raise off the floor.  Hold for one second then return to the start along the same path.

Lie facing upward on a decline bench with your head at the low end.  Hook your feet under the rollers at the top and institute a 90-degree bend in your legs.  Place your hands behind your head.  When ready, crunch forward without the use of your hands for momentum.  Hold a second, then lower back down.

Sit on the floor with your back angled backward about 45 degrees, your legs bent slightly at the knees and your feet hovering a couple of inches above the ground.  Keep your legs close together.  Twist over to one side and bring your opposite arm fully over, crossing your thigh.  Hold for a small contraction, then release and twist over to the other side.  Repeat for reps.

Check back in tomorrow, for Tuesday's workout!

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