How Are You Consuming Your Protein?

Protein has always been undeniably the king of the supplement industry. It is the corner stone to many nutrition and workout plans. However, there are a great many variety and forms of protein out on the market today. How are you consuming you protein, and which protein form is right for you?


At the forefront of the packaged healthy snacks industry are protein bars.  These handy and compact snacks can help ensure you’re meeting your protein-specific requirements each day, no matter where you happen to be.  For fitness buffs, protein bars are a staple, since a very high proportion of people who train require additional protein.

In the past, consumers may have been put off by the notion of eating protein bars because their choices were limited and often unsavoury.  Blocky products that were often chalky or stale were very common, making the decision to consume them less than appetizing. To add to this problem, many of the protein bars on the market at the time often came with high levels of fast carbs in the form of sugar.  A consumer was left with no choice but to purchase a bar that was effectively a weight gainer, rather than simply protein. 

Today, on the other hand, companies are able to use higher quality ingredients and thanks to advances in manufacturers technology many of the protein bars on the market taste delicious, and are chewy and tender with longer shelf lives.  More flavours are also available, as are the many different forms of protein, ranging all the way from whey isolate to egg, meat and even vegetable-based protein.  Each protein bar will typically contain about 20 to 30 grams of protein, and in a good number of them sugars have been significantly reduced, making them a great choice for those looking to reduce carbs or are on a Paleo diet.


If you prefer to drink your nutrients, Ready-To-Drink (RTD) shakes are just what the doctor ordered.  Many brand names produce delicious protein shakes in Tetra Pak or similar type containers, which deliver aminos to your muscles, while you enjoy a host of delicious flavours.  In some cases, there’s a small requirement that you keep the supplement refrigerated, but this is minor in comparison to the taste and convenience these drinks provide. It’s not all just about protein, either – some RTD products on the market also contain other physique-supporting ingredients.


 The large bottled water industry is something distinct from the healthy snacks market since it focuses strictly on water as the ingredient.  For our purposes herein, however, contained within the world of information on healthy snacks, bottled forms of fortified water are now in play. The most obvious example of this is protein water, which is drinkable and tasty – but unlike plain water which simply quenches your thirst, you’re simultaneously drinking in nutrients like protein to help build and repair muscle tissue.  Some other brands contain various levels of carbs for energy and also come in a multitude of flavours. 

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