Why Aren't Your Abs Seeing These Results?
You want a shredded mid-section fast?  You got it!  Combined with a clean, protein-rich diet that’s low in carbs, the following original fitdeals.ca 4 week, 4 workouts/week program is just what you’re looking for.  So let’s have at it! 
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FRIDAY (Emphasis: Core)

 Exercise  Set Reps  Rest
Plank  4 30-60 secs.  45 secs.
Ab Wheel Rollout  4 10-12 45 secs.
Reverse Crunch  4 10-12 45 secs.
Bicycle Crunch  4 10-12 30 secs.


Exercise Descriptions:

Lie on the floor facing downward with your body fully elongated.  Raise up onto your forearms, positioned at shoulder width, and your toes.  The rest of your body will hover slightly above the ground.  Keep your head in line with your spine, and simply hold the position for the designated length of time.

Grasp the handles of an ab wheel using an overhand grip and set up on the floor facing downward, with only your knees and toes touching the floor.  Your torso should be in line with your upper legs and establish a 45-degree angle forward.  Using control and a steady pace, allow your body to drop forward as the wheel rolls away from you.  Always keep your arms extended.  When your torso is nearly parallel to the floor, pause, reverse the motion and raise up to the start.

Lie on the floor facing upward with legs together and your arms at your sides.  Raise your legs such that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and your calves parallel.  Draw your knees in toward your face; your lower back will raise off the floor.  Hold for one second then return to the start along the same path.

Lie on the floor facing upward.  Raise your right leg slightly off the floor, and draw your left leg in toward your core, such that it’s bent 90 degrees.  Raise your upper back off the floor and place your hands at your ears, then twist to the left.  Smoothly reverse the position of your legs while you simultaneously twist your torso over to the right and repeat for reps.


Repeat for next three weeks for shredded abs!

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