Why Aren't Your Supplements Working For You?
By Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

Supplements seem not to be working? It's not the supplements - It's how you're taking them! 

Avoid these 4 consumption flaws to produce real results. 

We here at fitdeals.ca understand your excitement when you purchase a new supplement that will help you get closer to your fitness targets.  Whether your ambition is to build new muscle, torch unwanted fat, increase your strength or add to your endurance, there are absolutely 100% safe and effective supplements to help you accomplish these objectives.

So what happens when you begin taking a supplement but it doesn’t seem to be doing the job?  Chances are you’re taking them the wrong way.  After all, these are tried, tested and true supplements which have been demonstrated repeatedly to work.  Here are four commonplace mistakes which people make when using specific supplements:

Supplements are most effective when consumed at the right time.  If you take them at any old time willy-nilly, you’re likely not going to gain expected results.  There are many examples of this phenomenon, including the use of an ergogenic aid like a pre-workout blend, too early before you train.  These are designed to achieve peak concentration in co-ordination with the timing of your workout, so follow the label and take them as directed.  Take leucine and other BCAAs close to your workout, instead of at any time. The sooner in the day you get whey protein isolate in you, the better off you’ll be, since you’ve got the rest of the day to metabolize it.

Have you ever played “Dr. Google” and conducted research on the internet, ultimately coming up with your own ignorant conclusions on how to dose supplements?  Well, we’re here to remind you that the dosing you see online often disregards the fact that the needs of a 230-pound man are vastly different from that of a 110-pound woman.  In many cases, including the aforementioned example, the ratio of dosing could be 2:1 or even higher!  Make sure you consume what’s necessary for you alone.

Quality, quality, quality.  This is what you can expect from every supplement you purchase here on fitdeals.ca.  However, people often think that if they substitute reputable brand name supplements with cheap knock-off stuff, they’ll get the same results.  This is not the case.  The stuff you find at rock bottom prices in big box stores is often just that – rock bottom in terms of quality.  Don’t expect real results if you decide to opt for knock-off brands, often containing filler materials and misleading labelling.  Stick to what really works.  Stick to the highest-quality supplements available, easily found here on fitdeals.ca.

While it’s okay (and actually important) to consume staples like whey protein, glutamine and creatine every day, other supplements do their job most effectively if you don’t use them excessively (or when it’s not suitable to).  For instance, most pre-workout blends contain caffeine anhydrous, effective for stimulating your nervous system and providing you with a jolt of energy.  On days when you do not workout, you shouldn’t be consuming these ingredient blends because your body will grow accustomed to regular usage and the desired impact will be blunted when you actually do train.  Be smart.  Use your supplements only as properly suited – you’ll be thrilled with the results!