Making Training Efficient

By Tim Rigby (copyright IFM Media)

Recently, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) surveyed 1,000 of their certified personal trainers on what they perceive to be the most effective techniques for getting fit.  Their top three answers were, in order of indication:

     Strength Training.  Trainers noted that from beginners to advanced individuals, performing even just 20 minutes of resistance training two or three times a week is sufficient to help tone the entire body.
     Interval Training.  This is a method that can be applied to both resistance and cardio training, but is more commonly implemented in the latter.  You simply workout with a heightened level of intensity, such as for a period of say two minutes of running, followed by two minutes of walking.  This is a time-efficient and productive approach to training.
     Increased Cardio/Aerobic Exercise. 
Fitness levels are related to increases in cardio exercise.  You can do wonders for your own personal fitness level by simply adding 60 minutes per day of even light exercise like walking.  Other aerobic activities with a higher intensity like walking – or even dancing – yield even better results.

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