Are You Building The Best You?

Written by Ali Syed

Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey or an expert or in desperate need of some motivation to keep going, here at you have access to all your needs; it doesn't matter if it's educational, inspirational, motivational, our job is to give you the most empowering content that will help you reach your goal and become the best version of yourself.


Most of us are well aware of the many health benefits of exercise but lack the discipline to not only start training but to also stick with it. Most often people forget what the main purpose of exercising and eating better is but the good news is in today's day and age it's so easy to find resources to help you better understand. 

The goal of exercising is to improve and become healthier over time, it's about emphasizing practice and skills as process goals that effectively help us achieve fitness results without always chasing muscle soreness and exhaustion. Using a similar mindset shift in nutrition can help avoid cycles of restrictive dieting by helping you learn to make food choices and eat in a manner that is enjoyable, keeps you satiated, and healthy.


Most often people go too fast too hard right out of the gates and that's a bad thing because they're trying to achieve unrealistic goals in a short amount of time. You have to learn about your body before you decide that you want to make a change. First of all, its about getting you activity level up which can be something as small as going for walks and counting how many steps you do. Don't take me wrong, I don't mean go for a light walk for 10 minutes at a low intensity, I mean count your steps on an apply watch or Fitbit and aim to get better every walk.

Next comes the workout to build that muscle you’re looking for, it's all about quality over quantity. What that means is you have to go exercise properly and actually put tension on the muscles you are trying to grow.  Furthermore, you have to do things that make you happy, no one wants to do exercises they don't feel comfortable with. For example, I love back days so doing pull ups makes me happy; I look forward to them. On the other side of things, I don’t like doing walking lunges, so leg day is always the hardest but that doesn't mean it doesn't get done it's just not as fun.

Lastly when it comes to seeing results and you need help put your money where your mouth is and hire a coach or a personal trainer who will help you get in the best shape of your life, just do your research and find a person who has a track record of successful clients who have accomplished what you’re looking for.

Use these tips to create goals and focus on progress, not perfection because it's all about being better than you are today. Enjoy the journey that's what makes all your hard work matter… it also doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for the next issue if Inside Fitness, and of course, check out what has to offer!