What is Waxy Maize -- and Is It Legit?

By: Tim Rigby (courtesy of Inside Fitness)

Bodybuilders and fitness athletes alike are always looking for an edge, that extra bonus either in training, diet or supplementation that helps them advance their gains even further than the competition.  If you search for waxy maize online, you’ll likely find both positive and negative information, the latter of which pertains to its being derived from corn starch which is known to cause bloating, stomach cramps and some gastrointestinal disorders.  Waxy maize, however, unto itself is simply a carbohydrate source derived from corn starch.  More specifically, waxy maize is a refined, long-chained starch molecule mostly comprising amylopectin, a water-soluble starch component.  As such, it has a very high molecular weight, which in fact eases gastrointestinal discomfort by improving digestion rates.  Intuitively, the use of waxy maize would not be so widespread and long-lasting if it weren’t safe and effective.  Practically speaking, it absorbs quickly and is a great tool for enhancing recovery from training.

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