The "No Nitrates Added" Claim - Proceed with Caution
These days food companies use an entire lexicon of marketing claims in order to entice consumers.  Foods that we traditionally think of as being fatty or unhealthy are being marketed in a way that incorporates so-called “benefits” which mislead consumers into believing the product is healthier than it really is.  According to Consumer Reports, many brands of deli meats which use the term “no nitrates added” nonetheless contain similar levels of nitrates as other brands.  Often a hot dog or bacon manufacturer will use a curing agent like celery powder in place of synthetic sodium nitrate and therefore the public may be duped into believing the food is healthier than it really is. An examination of 31 different brands of deli meats, however, demonstrated that the form of nitrate and overall nitrate levels are essentially the same, even among those using the “no nitrates added” claim.  If your gut (pun intended) tells you a food is unhealthy, it more than likely is.
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