The Secret to Avoiding Jet Lag

It is often said that prevention is better than the cure, and this is something that is most appropriate for jet lag. Often in cases people know that they are going to be traveling ahead of time. This allows opportunity to implement the following steps that will help reduce or even prevent the jet lag.

Light Regulation:

Light affects your biological clock (circadian rhythm) which, when traveling can be one of the influences on jet lag.

  • Traveling West: Try to expose yourself to more light later in the evening. This will help your body adjust to a time zone that is later than what you are used to.
  • Traveling East: Expose yourself to more light in the morning. Ideal for an earlier time zone.

Sleep Pattern Adjustments:

Preparing your body for the sleep pattern in the new time zone will also help. Before traveling to the East, go to bed one hour earlier than what you normally do. If you plan to go west, do the opposite.


 Make sure you are well hydrated before your trip as well as during and afterward. This is to reduce the effects of the air that you will be exposed to in the cabin of the plane.


Think carefully as to what your routine will be at your destination. Then for a few days before leaving, try to mimic that routine. This will give your body a chance to gradually adjust to the changes that will be taking place when away.

Lastly using natural supplements such as Snooze from Aeryon Wellness, during the flight or when you have arrived at your destination can encourage sleep and reset your internal clock. 

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