Not All Protein Snacks Are Created Equal

Protein snacks are all the rage, but what makes a great product?

Three factors determine the best products: 

  • Macronutrient profile
  • Price
  • Taste


First off, Macronutrient profile. What we’re looking for in a protein bar or snack is typically high protein alongside low carbs/fats. While your preferences between high & low carb might change over time, the need for protein sources to fuel recovery is inevitable. Therefore, we’re looking for products with high protein (typically >20g per serving) that will keep you feeling satiated and in an anabolic state. 


Next, we look at price. We often use price as a quality metric, but sometimes protein snacks are not up to snuff, and you’re stuck paying the high prices. The best-priced products will use the highest quality ingredients while providing a cost-effective protein source. 


Finally, taste is arguably the most critical aspect of this debate. No matter your previous preferences, a great-tasting product will always be better in the long run. If you’re using high-protein snacks as a replacement for your favourite treats, they should be able to compete for the loyalty of your tastebuds, and not be a disappointment for your palette. An excellent-tasting product will help keep you on plan and give you the best long-term results.


We highly recommend Grenade's Protein Bars. They offer high protein, low carb, and 0 compromises on taste. With flavours ranging from Birthday Cake, all the way to Fudged Up!you can always find a taste to suit your tastebuds. 

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