Snacking But Make It Healthy & On-the-Go

By Klaudia Sarninska

Lately our world has been obsessed over weight, looks, dieting and because it’s always in our face it is so hard to come to a positive understanding of your own body and understanding how to listen to our bodies. We are always rushed, there is always somewhere to be, we are our worst enemy if we do not stop and slow down.

Every individual will have their own routine, some like to eat three full meals in a day, some prefer to break down their meals and have 6-7 small meals a day but it’s really all about listening to your body. Sticking to the same routine or switching things up in your everyday lifestyle is just proof that we as humans are always searching for new and advanced healthier choices for our bodies. 

As much as it’s all about training your mind to follow the same routines and make healthier choices, it’s also important to try out new techniques and new diets - try out those supplements your friends have been raving about because you never know what might work for your body. 

Throughout the years of my fitness journey I have learned that even though something might work for my body, it might not necessarily be the best for your body. Here is a list of some of the best and most effective methods/products for a busy work schedule to make your day more effective:

  • Start your mornings with a hot glass of water and lemon, it’s quick and easy to prepare either before you rush out to work or make it at work. It only takes a couple minutes yet the benefits are so crucial. You want to create an efficient morning by introducing your body to antioxidants and to some it might be a great addition to supporting your weight loss and improving skin quality as well as improving your digestion first thing in the morning. 
  • Secondly make collagen part of your morning routine. Take a couple of seconds if you are on the run to simply fill up your favourite mug or water bottle with a full scoop and take it to work, your next meeting or simply before you go to the gym depending how your schedule is. It can seem like such a burden to rush in the morning and prepare all these items, but make no excuse and prep everything the night before if you need to. Recommend Tested Nutrition Tested Collagen as it has done wonders for my skin's hydration, studies have also shown daily collagen supplements can help your bone density, osteoarthritis pain, healthier hair and nails, as well as increased muscle mass.
  • For breakfast, or lunch depending on your morning routine, it’s always easy to grab a protein bar that leaves you fueled for hours, giving energy and the drive to work. Strongly recommend Nutraphase Clean Fats Clusters as it’s a perfect on-the-go snack that is high in fat with moderate amounts of protein, and most importantly it is made from clean, natural wholesome ingredients.
  • For lunch or dinner buy or make a salad and pair it with a freshly squeezed juice. It’s the easiest and fastest meal yet you will get all your nutrients and greens from. When you finally get home and are ready to start your actual meal or dinner of the day just remember that there are always fast and efficient ways to snack at work or when you are out and about.

  • Finally, don’t focus on working out every day if that is not in your practice. Instead make smaller goals such as visiting the gym 2-3 times a week, have rest days, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s all about balance and a clean mindset with a good routine. 
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