ZMA For Muscle and Strength

Written by Tim Rigby

Is building muscle, gaining strength and losing fat important to you?  We thought so.  As you may be aware, the driving factor behind achieving all these targets is the androgenic hormone testosterone.  Now we’re certain you’d opt for a safe, natural, steroid-free route for boosting the big T if given the choice, so enter ZMA.  This is a powerful combination of natural ingredients (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6) taken at specific doses which has been around for about 25 years.  The end result of ZMA supplementation over time is a safe and effective increase to testosterone; this is especially manifest in individuals who have a deficiency to begin with, or who train with great intensity. 

A celebrated study in the Journal of Exercise Physiology from scientists Brilla and Conte demonstrated the effectiveness of ZMA in football players who performed intense resistance training during their off-season.  The miracle supplement was a consistent winner when it came to boosting testosterone, growth hormone IGF-1, and muscle strength.  Read on to see the correct dosing levels, and be sure to take your ZMA about 30 minutes before bed to help your testosterone soar over time.

Standard Composition:  30 mg zinc monomethionine or zinc aspartate, 450 mg magnesium aspartate and 11 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B-6).


The mineral zinc has potent properties with regard to boosting immunity and under the current pandemic circumstance, may be effective in helping preserve your health unto itself.  Zinc is in fact responsible for the activity of over 300 enzymes in your body which pertain to macronutrient metabolism, especially cell replication.  When you think of its relationship to testosterone, consider that your sperm in fact contains a substantial amount of zinc.  Furthermore, this wonder mineral protects against free radical damage incurred by intense exercise.  In athletes who train and compete at elite levels, studies have shown a deficiency in zinc, which supports the basis for regular supplementation at all levels.


This ion used to take a back seat to calcium, but in recent decades its importance has become more and more emphasized.  Magnesium possesses exceptional muscle-relaxing properties and is a “calming” mineral which has been proven to stabilize moods, but the role of magnesium extends far beyond these emotional functions; it’s essential for the proper functioning of nerves, cells, bones, muscles and your heart.  In a similar way to zinc, deficiencies in magnesium have been revealed in people who work out intensely due to sweating it out – but there’s no need to worry; supplementation with magnesium can restore proper levels.  Specifically, within the context of ZMA, magnesium plays a positive role toward your anabolic hormone status by boosting your testosterone reliably.


Finally, the vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) is an unsung hero of sorts as it doesn’t attract much attention – but it’s nonetheless an effective test booster.  A popular behaviour among natural athletes is to consume B6 in conjunction with a protein shake due to its role in helping amino acids to assimilate.  When it comes to the big T, research has demonstrated that B6 can influence your hormonal system very well by promoting androgens that in turn raises your natural levels; the inverse of this is the experience of having lower T due to a B6 deficiency, which unfortunately raises your estrogen levels, which is detrimental to muscle building.

The three ingredients in ZMA are a winning combination for boosting your testosterone and helping you achieve all the above-mentioned goals.  Furthermore, those who consume ZMA categorically report the experience of having pleasant, vivid dreams.  You just can’t lose when you take ZMA!

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