Vegan Protein: What is  it?

By Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

In an effort to ensure high-quality protein is available to all nutrition preferences, supplement companies over the last decade have accelerated the production of healthy vegan protein.  Both vegetarian and vegan diets are notorious for lacking in protein (plus vitamin B12 and other important vitamins and minerals that are otherwise abundant with meat consumption), so having a vegan protein option available goes a long way toward meeting macronutrient targets – especially in fitness-minded people.

So what exactly is vegan protein?  Well, let’s start with what’s in it.  Available brands currently include any number of plant-based ingredients such as:

* Pea protein
* Organic pumpkin seed protein
* Sprouted whole grain brown rice protein
* Organic sprouted quinoa
* Chia seed protein
* Watermelon protein
* Rice protein
* Potato protein
* Hemp protein
* Sunflower protein
* Sacha inchi
* And more

Main Benefits
The fact that vegan protein brands are plant-based makes them very easily digestible, and they’re not only appropriate for vegans, but those who seek a gluten-free nutrition profile as well.  Further still, vegan protein is dairy free and lactose free.  Although vegan protein has a lower biological value (BV) then whey or egg protein, it nonetheless packs a punch with the full spectrum of amino acids represented – including ample supplies of glutamic acid and naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Additional Benefits
Vegan protein is very clean.  In fact, it may well be perhaps the cleanest of all proteins available.  The brands you’ll find here on are very low in calories and fat.  So, if counting every single calorie is of concern, healthy vegan protein supplements will fit the bill for you nicely.  Moreover, most vegan protein supplements will contain a good quantity of fibre, which is invaluable for both digestion and weight loss.

Yes, Vegan is Real Protein!
The bottom line is if you’re not accustomed to purchasing and consuming vegan products, you should focus more on the word “protein” than the word “vegan”.  By supplementing with clean, healthy, easily digestible vegan protein, you’re still going to benefit from all the conventional advantages of other proteins, such as muscle tissue repair and growth, immune system strengthening and weight loss.

Vegan protein is here to stay.  Get on board the vegan protein movement and order yours from today – you’ll be amazed at the low cost and the high quality. 


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