Are You Ready For the Gym Ontario?

Written by Tim Rigby

For gym members in Ontario, it’s almost too good to be true.  After having only a scant few opportunities to work out over the last 17 months (in the midst of three lockdowns), Ontario gyms are finally re-opening today on July 16 – this time, presumably for good.

There are over 1,200 gyms and fitness facilities across the province which are eager to welcome members back to train.  Membership in these facilities has steadily increased virtually every year since the 1980s.  Although the new gym atmosphere will be different, thanks to austere Covid-19 safety protocols, members will nonetheless be able to perform fitness endeavours that were neither fully possible nor convenient at home, and include:

* Free Weight Training
* Machine Training
* Powerlifting
* Olympic Weightlifting
* Crossfit
* Cardio Exercise
* Aerobic Exercise
* Spin Classes
* Pilates Classes
* Yoga Classes

And in some cases, swimming, racquet sports and basketball court activities will resume.

The re-opening of Ontario gyms will literally be life-changing for hundreds of thousands of individuals who have missed out on a very important part of their lives for a much greater-than-anticipated period.

Being able to come and go as a gym member can deliver health benefits both physically and mentally and also help you re-shape and organize your life.  Being able to release some of the stress from your job, being able to sleep better, and re-igniting the feeling of being part of a dynamic, thriving community of like-minded people can be invaluable.

Once you resume your fitness campaign at a higher level thanks to the gym, it’s essential that you recover and rest adequately.  If muscle means anything to you, make sure you consume additional protein and amino acids like glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).  Interested in muscle size and strength?  Then consuming creatine can be your best ally. 

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