Five Ways to Build Your Best Self


Written by Brenley Cunningham

Most of us strive to become the best version of ourselves and ironically, we are usually the ones holding ourselves back from achieving our best potential. We all want to feel confident, powerful, and happy in our own skin, however it can be hard to get out of that negative mindset that often prevents us from reaching our goals, and into a place where we can truly feel like we are our best selves. 

Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take towards re-framing/retraining your mindset, and building the best version of you that you can be.

1. Re-frame your weaknesses as strengths

We all have weaknesses and fears, however when we pause and take a moment to self-reflect, we can often uncover what is holding us back. 

Think of it like this: a weakness is something that you do, which means it’s something you can do something about. Reflect on where you are, where you want to be, and recognize your potential to get there. Acknowledge that you are capable and strong, and use that to propel yourself forward.

Make a list of any weaknesses or roadblocks you feel are in your way. Then, take a moment to re-frame them. Instead of “I am impulsive,” think, “I am passionate.”  By re-framing those thoughts, we can stimulate a greater awareness and purpose of our weaknesses and help create opportunity, growth and success

2. Make a plan, but embrace change

They say that those who fail to plan, plan to fail, however, things in life don’t always go according to plan. So how do we plan when there is constant change around us?

It’s essential to have a plan in order to accomplish your goals, however it’s also essential to have flexibility in your life to achieve them. First, define what you’re trying to accomplish. Then, determine how you’re going to get there. Start small: set daily tasks, create habitual routines, and practice positive self-talk. Then make weekly and monthly goals – just remember to cut yourself some slack. Allow yourself some flexibility, but keep accountable. Evolve and adapt your plan as necessary. 

You have the power each day to write your story. If your journey doesn’t go according to plan, ask why. Were your goals realistic? Did you lose your accountability? As long as you are checking in with yourself regularly, it’s okay if your plan doesn’t always go accordingly. Bring yourself back, and keep going!

3. Change your perspective, and think positive

Life is about perspective. We see what we want to see. So why not wake up and start the day with greatness? 

Instead of waking up and focusing on the negative tasks of the day, begin with positive affirmations. “I am strong, I am capable, I am beautiful,” is a great start. “Abundance flows freely in my life.” Take control of your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions and break free of anything holding you back. Remember, every action has a reaction. When a situation or interaction arises, choose how you react. Wake up and be proud of who you are. Be proud throughout every experience you face in a day. Remember who you want to be and though you may not be there yet, act as though you are that person. 

4. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude has been shown to restore energy, encourage positive thoughts, and to instill kindness. As a human race, we tend to take simple things for granted. We are often so hard on ourselves and on others, that we forget the incredible things we already have and already are.

Take time to reflect on what you are grateful for. Start a gratitude journal, and write down three things you are grateful for every day. These can be big or small -- even brief reflections on moments and situations. When we make an effort to write down the positive, we tend to see more positive, feel more positive and experience more positive.

5. Out with the bad, in with the good

It can be exhausting to reflect on all aspects of our lives, especially when certain situations or relationships are holding us back, however, when we can recognize those negative things that don’t add value, and we let them go, the results can be remarkable. 

Write down a list of people, places or things that are bringing you down. Reassess their place in your life, and let go of anything toxic. Release the negative energy from your life. Make room for that which will help support your goals. Recognizing your self-worth is exhilarating. Don’t hold back or let other people pull you back.

The takeaways

There is such beauty in acknowledging and accessing the power you have to change your own life. Sometimes, you just have to refocus and recalibrate to help bring it back to the surface. You have the ability to achieve greatness. Start with your thoughts and actions, and everything else will fall into place.

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