Why You Need to Go Vegan!

So by now, you've probably had Vegan rammed down your throats, but do you actually know why it is being talked about so much? Let's take a deeper look into why more and more people are purchasing Beyond Yourself Vegan Protein (other than the fact it is delicious!)


Beyond Yourself Vegan Protein has 20g of Protein per serving, comprising of two Vegan sourced Proteins, Brown Rice Protein and Pea Protein, two of the easiest digesting Vegan proteins which means NO BLOATING


Brown Rice Protein has many health benefits as well as being a convenient source of protein for Vegetarians, Vegans and others who follow restricted diets. Like white rice, brown rice is a grain that contains natural starches and proteins, the difference being that brown rice still contains its bran or natural fiber content. 

Brown rice protein is considered hypo-allergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for almost any individuals with dairy, soy, gluten allergies or sensitive stomachs. One of the questions we get asked on the regular is "Is it a complete Amino Acid Profile?". Yes, when added with Pea Protein (which we will get into in a moment) although it is digested slower than Whey or Egg Protein, Brown Rice Protein contains all necessary Amino Acids, giving you all the tools needed to recover the muscles after an intense workout.


Now, let's get into its Co-Pilot, Pea Protein! Pea protein is a rising star in the protein and supplement market due to its high digestibility and bioavailability. Pea protein generally has a high digestibility rate at around 90-95% and also has the additional benefit of being hypoallergenic much like the Brown Rice Protein.


Pea protein has been shown in recently to result in decreased food intake when compared to whey, making it the perfect protein for those athletes on weight loss journeys, fat loss and improved body composition. In addition, it can easily be stacked with all supplements and other fat loss supplements such as Keto Ice and Keto Fire, due to its high satiety value and its protein content, its ability to help support weight loss helps you sustain and grow lean muscle mass.


In general, it is no secret that increasing protein intake speeds up fat burning. Proteins have a "thermic" effect, meaning that they create heat in the body through the process of digestion. Eating a meal high in protein forces more calories to burn as it takes a lot of energy to digest protein, brown rice protein, in particular, includes unique peptides that reduce weight gain more than those in white rice protein or soy protein. Protein powders have another important role in your weight loss efforts. Blood sugar spikes in response to the meals you eat, which causes the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin to facilitate the storage of circulating nutrients. Large insulin spikes that result from high carbohydrate-containing meals trigger fat storage and may lead to insulin resistance. Taking in more protein with a meal helps balance this blood sugar and insulin effect to prevent body fat storage.

Don't be afraid to up the amount of protein consumption in your day, regardless of whether you are building, cutting or just staying healthy. Your body will utilize each and every gram of protein it needs!

One of the reasons Beyond Yourself Vegan Protein has become the fastest-selling in the market is its taste! Vegan Proteins have a stigma of tasting gritty, earthy and bitter. That doesn't fly in the Beyond Yourself house, we only make exceptional, high quality tasting products, so making the best, smoothest Vegan Protein was mandatory!

Originally posted by beyondyourself.ca. Try Vegan Protein for yourself!

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