What You Need to Be a High Performing Athletic Woman

by Sandra Sorgini (@get_fitss)

When you work hard and play hard, strategic efforts to care for your body are vitally important to maintaining a well-oiled machine of a physique in appearance and function. 

As an athletic, high performing mom in my 40’s, maintaining optimal health and wellness through the use of specific products has been the key to looking and feeling my best!  Below are my top 5 fitdeals.ca products that ensure I am operating on all cylinders and looking sharp doing it!

1: PVL IsoSport Whey Protein

Protein is necessary to repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue ensuring my body maintains its strength and lean look.  As women age, building muscle is vital to warding off an increase in fat tissue and maintaining a lean physique. Thus, our need for protein intake increases.  PVL Sport Whey is a high-quality whey protein blend with no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners.  All PVL products are formulated with the athlete in mind.  This product is certified by Informed Choice making it the popular choice for competitive athletes who want to feel confident about the products they are putting into their bodies.   With 30 g of protein this product helps me prioritize protein intake, push the bar higher and set personal bests.  This is an absolute must for me. Creamy Vanilla is my go-to flavour.  This product tastes amazing while maintaining my lean physique!

 2: Vital Proteins Marine Collagen

At age 25 collagen starts to deplete in the body.  As a result of this depletion, collagen supplementation is vital to maintaining healthy hair, nails, skin and joints and keeps me looking youthful.  It helps to improve skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkle depth, while also increasing hydration. Working hard and playing hard can take a toll on your appearance but supplementing with collagen goes a long way in ensuring my appearance and health of my body tissues is optimal.  This product is easily digestible and mixes into hot and cold liquids quite effectively.  Perfect for a busy mom like myself.

 3: LuxeBody Sunless Body Mousse and Tanning Mitt

Formulated with natural ingredients which is a must for my sensitive skin, this product is phenomenal for ensuring a healthy sunless glow for 5-7 days.  I try to keep sun exposure to a minimum but appreciate the way a tanned body looks.  Streak free, easy application all from the comfort of my home is perfect for my busy lifestyle and allows me to look and feel my best.  Use the Luxe Body tanning mitt to protect your hands and palms from staining when applying this product.  Flawless bronze colour with easy application is just what a gal like me needs and appreciates.

4: DripFit

Ingredients in DripFit are proven to help with stretch marks, scarring, acne, anti-aging, dry skin, dark bags under the eyes, collagen production and much more.  A topical cream with varied benefits for the skin is my kind of product.  It is also a workout intensifier and for an athlete like myself, intensity is exactly what I need in my workouts and in the products I use.  To sustain my level of intensity as I age, DripFit ensures blood flow is optimal for injury recovery and prevention.  DripFit works beneath the skin in creating increased heat.  Combine it with the DripFit sweat band to trap the heat in to amplify sweat production in the midsection to achieve your goals.  Look good, feel good and recover well with DripFit.

 5: Contenders Clothing

There is nothing more comfortable than an oversized men’s t-shirt and boxers for moments of relaxation.  I am constantly wearing athleisure wear so this brand is a welcome change to let loose in.  From Karate Kid to Rocky and so many other great styles this is the perfect gear for athletic women looking to rest and recover ready to take on another day as the bad mother f%&^ers we are!  Exclusive to fitdeals.ca, Contenders Clothing is my kind of vibe.

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