The Top 5 Supps You Need For Fall!

Written by Jennifer Rose

As summer winds down, my fitness goals stay lit! Probably more than ever. I find with less temptation, BBQs, ice cream, and patio parties I can really put in the work and see results! I’ve put together my Five must haves to ensure its always “gains o’clock”!

 1: Yummy Sports Angry Badger (Pre workout). 
This is my absolute favourite pre workout! I grab for this because it gives me the added energy I need to get through long workouts without jitters or crashing. 


2:Yummy Sports BCAA. (Intra workout).
The top flavours are Sour Watermelon or Funky Peach. I use this throughout my workout to stay hydrated. BCAAs reduce exercise fatigue, decrease muscle soreness and increase muscle growth!


3: Yummy Sports Shaker Cup.
This has to be the #1 shaker at Burbine’s Gym in Amherst NS where I train! A good quality shaker is a must to use for pre/ intra/ post workouts or all day to stay hydrated in style! 


4: Yummy Sports ISO Protein (post workout).
Honey Donut flavour for the win! Enjoy the sweet, guilt free flavour of, yes... DONUTS!! The benefits of ISO protein promote muscle growth by assisting the healing of micro tears in your muscles after a workout. This process makes you stronger!! = more gains!!


5: Inside Fitness Hoodie.
Going to and from the gym on those cool early morning and evenings, a warm hoodie is a must! And what would could be cozier than this?


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