Latest Trend: What are Functional Mushrooms and Adaptogens?

Mushrooms and fungi are becoming all the rage these past few years, and with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Driven by alternative meat, demand for organic foods and the pursuit of overall wellness, the functional mushroom category is a big business.  

In eastern culture, mushrooms have been dietary and medicinal staples for thousands of years. Now, functional mushrooms have become a staple in wellness culture.

Intensified by the pandemic, concerns for mental wellbeing over depression, anxiety and burnout are on the rise. More and more individuals are looking for solutions to combat the effects as we look forward to Covid ending. As a result, countless brands are seizing the opportunity to introduce functional mushrooms as an antidote to these ailments.

Some Brands to check out include 

Four Sigmatic

Attune Mushrooms

Borreal Botanical Brewing

Plantpeople Wonder Day


What are adaptogens?

Adaptogen mushrooms are mushrooms that have the ability to help your body handle both physical and emotional stress; they ‘adapt’ to your body’s needs. From capsules to drinks and even protein powders, products containing adaptogen mushrooms are offering energy boosting, mood enhancing and relaxation benefits. There is a functional mushroom ready to serve your needs. 

How do you Take Adaptogens?

 n order to reap the benefits of a mushroom adaptogen, it is best to take the mushroom adaptogens every day for 2 weeks in order for your body to become familiarize with the mushroom according to Attune Mushrooms founder Tony Huang. Attune Mushrooms offers adaptogens in powder form so you may add it to your morning coffee, lunch food or evening beverage. While other brands like Mindright, already have the product in a snack bar which you can have during lunch or Borreal Botanical Brewing which have functional mushroom infused beverages that you can enjoy in a can.

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