"Hot Girl Summer" Supplement Stack


Written by Angie Guenette

We have all heard the term “hot girl summer”, and now that the weather is finally heating up and its summer shredding season. You will need a new stack of supplements to help meet those “hot girl summer” goals. These are some awesome essentials:



L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid within our bodies that helps convert fat into energy. Taking L-Carnitine helps ensure you use your fat for fuel over burning through your lean muscle gains. Along with helping your body convert fat cells into energy, it also helps with brain & heart function. You can take liquid L-Carnitine on its own, or you may find it in several fat burning supplements as well.



 Collagen is something you can take to help benefit you from the inside out all around. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins within your body; it makes up things like your skin, nails, hair, joints and muscles. Supplementing this into your summer stack will help ensure your skin is glowing and your progress made within the gym is being fueled properly. Most people do not naturally get enough collagen from their diets, especially if they are vegans; collagen is found in the connective tissues of animals, thus making it harder for those who do not eat animal products to reap the benefits of collagen naturally within their diet. Taking collagen in a supplement form can help make sure your overall health is in check; in this case, you’ll instantly notice your body will be moving better & feeling less sore.



Greens are a huge staple to have in your routine. It has great benefits, such as helping with digestive health and gut health. Many of us do not eat enough greens in our everyday diets; this can cause us to have skin issues, digestive issues, and low energy. Supplements in a greens powder will help clear up the stress of having to munch on veggies all day if you do not implement enough leafy greens in your diet. You will have way more energy to get workouts in and get active once you add this to the mix!



Branch chain amino acids benefit anyone and everyone looking to continue to shred for summer but maintain all lean muscle and shape. If you ever feel your body has hit a plateau and you have been putting in the work at the gym and eating right, BCAA’s may be what you are missing. BCAA’s helps stimulate protein synthesis and, in turn, increase muscle growth so you will not be losing any of the hard work you have done within the gym. Sometimes we see no progress within the gym because we continue to do more cardio, but that can burn muscle over fat, sometimes meaning you will always be running in circles burning off your progress. Supplements in BCAA’s can preserve your hard-earned gains and make sure you can recover quicker and maintain the lean muscle you work so hard for.



Getting enough vitamin D can go a long way, and many people do not realize they aren’t getting enough vitamin D despite being out in the sunshine. Yes, vitamin D is commonly known as the “sun” vitamin because it naturally produces it when your body is exposed to sunlight. Getting enough vitamin D daily can help reduce the risk of diseases and help build up a robust immune system. Vitamin D has also been shown to have great weight loss benefits. Everything is filled with sunshine and rainbows after you throw this into your routine.

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