Ohana Liquid Protein Shots

Protein – If you’re familiar with our blogs, or any of the articles published with our partners, Inside Fitness, then you are more than aware of the following phrase: it’s the king of the supplement world.  If someone is considering breaking into supplements for the first time, protein is more often than not their first go to.  While there are many excellent supplements on offer, with a wide range of advantages, protein has long been the baseline and the backbone of the business. 

However, let’s be honest – it can be exhausting, time consuming and sometimes even awkward making sure that you get your protein in on time. Large, heavy, chocolatey protein shakes or Ready-To-Drink (RTD) options are heavy, time consuming to drink (which often leaves you with a full, bloated feeling after consuming) and just awkward to carry around all day.

Which is why Ohana Liquids has offered you an alternative to the above: the 3.2 oz Ohana Pro Protein Shot.  This little vial of liquid is not only virtually indestructible (meaning that you can toss it in just about any bag, without fear of spilling), but a small, quick and convenient way to ensure that you get that protein you are looking for – with none of the usual fuss.   

Made with predigested protein peptides, this little package isn’t just convenient, but is designed to be digested faster than other types of protein, shortening the process of digestion and getting into your blood stream faster.  Not to mention, with heat stable liquid, and great fruity flavours that taste good warm or cold, you won’t have to worry about leaving it in your gym bag until you’re ready for that quick protein fix. 

So, if you’re tired of the old way of doing protein, and looking for something different, a quick little shot that can be combined with water or your favourite hydration mix after your high intensity workout, then maybe it’s time you gave Ohana Pro Protein Shots a try.   

To find and buy Ohana Protein Shots in Canada or other great products from Ohana just click here. Shipping available to US aswell! 

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