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Yummy Sports is back and sweeter than before, but they haven’t lost their ways

Submitted by Yummy Sports

Within the last year, Yummy Sports, a local Quebec brand located right off the island of Montreal, was hard at work in the lab experimenting with new flavours for their new line of ISO protein. As much as anyone would think it’s an easy task to add some artificial sweetener, flavouring and a fancy label to any new tubs of ISO, Yummy Sports had a lot riding on their shoulders considering that Yummy Sport is one of the most well-known Canadian supplements brand that never disappoints on flavour and always aims to delivers.

 Since 2018, Yummy Sports’ number one goal was to always provide a straightforward high-quality products and amazing taste! With the recent re-band, Yummy has gone above and beyond to reformulate a few products to keep up to date with the most popular ingredients, fresh new labels, and most importantly brand-new flavours such as their new line up of 2lbs ISO.

Yummy Sports has always been known for their ISO flavours, such as coffee wafer, hazelnut crunch, buttermilk blue berries pancake, dark chocolate and much more! Their flavours are known throughout Canada, the UK and the EU. Yummy didn’t just pick flavours out of a hat and went with it. They spoke to countless of retailer and customer across the globe to see what ISO flavours they would like to see next from Yummy Sports.

By doing so they made sure that the flavour they chose were a key reflection on what their consumers wanted. Of course, Vanilla Ice Cream and Milk Chocolate were on that list. Yummy likes to have some exotic flavours, but it was about time they released a Vanilla and Chocolate!

With these extravagant flavours you would think to yourself that the amount of surculose must be ridiculous and that is where you would be wrong! Yummy Sports is one of the very few brands that only uses stevia in all of their product! Yummy has partnered with some great flavour chemists that have worked alongside the Yummy team to provide great natural flavours for all their products. By doing so, the use for overwhelming surculose wasn’t necessary. The ratio between natural flavour and stevia is always at respectable range for each ISO flavour where they work hand in hand to make sure you get that bold rich flavour with each sip without feeling like you drank a bag of sugar.

As much as we all care about how good a protein tastes, the moment it hits the stomach we pray that we can digest it. As long as I can remember, any whey concentrate, isolate or blend always disrupted my stomach. I would normally have animal protein or nothing at all until I had Yummy ISO.

Yes, I was skeptical at first, but after my first sip I was impressed with the flavour (of course), but the digestibility was even more impressive! Yummy Sports demands only the best quality whey in Canada to make their Yummy ISO. No lactose, no lipids, and all non-protein martial have all been removed to ensure that you are you get the best isolate for your money. You don’t need to worry about amino spiking either. Like I said, Yummy sticks to simplicity with high-quality.

If you’re looking for a new ISO to try and you’re tired of have the same boring flavour that you can’t even digest. Head over to Yummy Sport or to check out all of the great Yummy products and make sure you grab some Yummy ISO. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

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