Product Alert: AllMax Nutrition IMPACT Igniter

You put a lot of effort into your physique and you want to make sure that your workout is doing the best that it can for you. There is no point heading into a workout if you aren’t going to be at max capacity, in terms of energy, focus and gains – which is why you want to choose a pre-workout like AllMax Nutrition: IMPACT Igniter!

Explosive Pre-Workout Stimulant


IMPACT Igniter is a fully dosed and highly effective Pre-Workout that’ll give you exactly what you want – results! Even better, these are results that improve the more you use it! Loaded with research directed dosages that work synergistically to produce superior results.

With ongoing use in high-intensity training, IMPACT Igniter delivers:

  • The kind of extreme motivation you need to train with INTENSITY
  • Increases in strength, reps and recovery
  • Muscle swelling pump activation you can FEEL
  • Amplified metabolism to incinerate fat while you train

IMPACT Igniter drives extreme motivation through a powerful blend of intense stimulants and advanced focus through cognitive enhancement agents. The intense motivation gets you into the gym and the extreme focus keeps you there.

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