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Tim Rigby, M.A., NSCA-CPT

If you’re new to the idea of consuming safe and healthy supplements, and are wondering whether they’re actually effective and can make a positive difference, take a second to think about what your fitness goals are.  You may be someone who wants to lose a little or a lot of weight or fat, or someone who needs to bulk up and put on mass.  Perhaps you’re someone who runs, swims, or bicycles and wants to set a new personal record, or maybe you’ve undertaken a challenge to add 50 pounds to your bench press or 75 pounds to your deadlift.  Once you’ve established what it is you’re striving for, then consider all the fitness people who’ve gone before you and have already accomplished the very same goals you seek.  How did they ultimately achieve such greatness?  Through discipline, rigorous training, healthy nutrition, sound sleep and the consumption of goal-specific supplements.  In truth, one of the most essential elements to their success is the supplements they consumed to support their training.

To be accurate, if you were to approach 100 individuals who successfully completed a physical transformation by losing substantial weight or fat, virtually all of them would praise the effectiveness of supplements in their journey.  For those who may have been underweight and needed to develop size and mass, there’s absolutely no question of their habitual need to consume supplements to support their training.  Endurance athletes?  Same thing.  The consistent use of supplements has been proven to take their lengthy physical ability to a whole new level.  As for those weightlifters and powerlifters needing to gain maximal power and strength, make no mistake that many types of supplements have been essential to their results as well.

 If you’re interested in fitness at any level, then it’s important you take supplements.  No ifs, ands or buts.  If you remain skeptical, or choose not to use supplements, you’re severely limiting your progress and potential.  While you may have heard the position that simply eating well will build muscle, etc., science has proven that key supplements can drastically improve the efficiency and consistency at which you are able to do so.  When you have such a formidable weapon as supplements at your disposal, why on earth would you just leave them on the table?  We assume that your fitness goals are an important priority in your life, and therefore something in which you’d desire to optimize your results.  Supplements do this.

Here’s a look at some of the broad range of supplements available to you here on Fit Deals and the fitness targets they’re designed to help you achieve:


Key Supplements:  Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Carnitine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Green Coffee Bean Extract

The group of supplements which contribute to successful weight and fat loss do so mainly by stimulating your metabolism, both while working out and at rest.  They tap into your body’s existing stores of fat and play a role in first releasing them from their cells, and then eventually incinerating them, which provides you with energy.  They can be remarkably effective for improving the quality and endurance of your training as you’re less likely to perceive fatigue.


Key Supplements:  Whey Protein, Casein Protein, BCAAs, Glutamine, Amino Acids

No matter how hard you train, muscle does not build itself.  In fact, nearly 80% of your muscle is protein, with most of the remainder being comprised of water.  Protein, as you may know, is made up of groups of amino acids which are considered the building blocks of life.  In order to capitalize on your weight training to the goal of building muscle, it’s absolutely crucial you supplement with forms of protein and aminos.  Bodybuilders, fitness athletes and sports athletes alike all swear by the incredible value of protein and amino acids.


Key Supplements:  Creatine, Omega 3s, Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron

The king of strength and power supplements is clearly creatine, however it does have a host of loyal subjects from a variety of classifications which can further assist your strength gain needs.  Creatine soared to the forefront as a staple for Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters in the mid-1990s, and its effectiveness has been proven time and time again for the last 25 years.  It works by drawing water into your muscle cells to enhance contractile strength.  A nice side effect of creatine is that as it helps you to gain strength, it will consequently help you build muscle as well.


Key Supplements:  Beta-Alanine, Sodium Phosphate, L-Arginine, Citrulline Malate, Electrolytes

For those of you who wish to turn your 5km run into 10km or beyond, there are a variety of supplements at your disposal, but you don’t have to be an endurance athlete to appreciate the need and value of them.  You may get exhausted after 30 minutes on a stairmaster, but these endurance-based supplements will help you train longer.  There’s really no strict limit as to how much you can accelerate your gains in improving your destination time or endurance time, and as a very nice side effect, in doing so you’ll derive a great pump which will keep you burning calories in the ensuing hours after you train.

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