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The LuxeBody Tanning Mitt will give you the ultimate experience in sunless tanning! Apply your Bronzing Mousse like a pro with our velvet microfiber face and body mitt.  It's velvety soft surface applicator protects your hands and palms from staining.

Directions: Place your hand in the LuxeBody Tanning Mitt and apply one pump of the mousse. In a circular motion apply the mousse to clean dry skin.  Use only the residue for drier areas such as hands, elbows and feet.  Next, take your face tanning mitt (the smaller mitt) and pump 1/4 to 1/2 a pump of mousse to the mitt.  Apply starting at the cheeks and work your way outwards around the face avoiding the upper lip all together.

Simply wash the tan mitt by hand with soap and water and air dry.

LuxeBody Expert Tip: Use the residue on your mitt for your hands, elbows and feet and finish blending those areas with a makeup brush.


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