Iwon Organics - Protein Stix 42g (Box Of 8)


Flavor: Nacho Cheese
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iWon unique flavored snack stix, high protein and organic, 8 bags, 1.5 ounce

high in protein. high in fiber.

    • pure organic ingredients: our crunchy protein stix are formulated with plant-based proteins, and blend the highest quality Non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients.
    • optimal nutritional profile: 10g protein. 5g fiber. only 5g sugar. only 180 calories. all without sacrificing the flavor or crunch you crave.
    • on-the-go snacking: a convenient and tasty high protein snack for anyone living an active lifestyle. sustain your energy levels all day long as you work and play.
    • something for everyone: from fitness enthusiasts looking for a muscle-building snack, to kids and families who know that nutritious should also mean delicious. these stix are for you.



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