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ALLMAX Organic Wheat Grass Powder is considered as one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens available. ALLMAX Wheat Grass gives you an antioxidant packed boost that alkalizes and energizes with every serving. Wheat Grass is a great source of dark-green Chlorophyll containing raw, whole-food-source vitamins and minerals. In fact 1 Serving of ALLMAX Wheatgrass powder is equal to 7 Shots of Wheat Grass Juice!

• Naturally High in Antioxidants
• Complete Food with all Essential Amino Acids
• Highly Alkaline to Help Balance pH Levels
• Sustained Energy and Detoxification
• Zero Additives or Fillers

Winter-season grown exclusively in glacial soil, ALLMAX Wheat Grass is harvested while peak nutrient density has been achieved. This guarantees you the freshest most wholesome U.S. grown Wheat Grass there is. No other source even comes close. An easy, convenient and truly wholesome organic superfood you can add to any drink throughout the day.

ALLMAX Wheatgrass is naturally free of Soy, Gluten and Dairy and is produced in a cGMP registered facility. ALLMAX selects only the highest quality material. Our Wheatgrass is certified Kosher, is Non-GMO and contains ZERO additives or fillers.


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