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Kaizen vegan protein is a premium plant based protein supplement suitable for all vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. Unlike other plant based single source proteins like pea or hemp, Kaizen vegan protein comes from 6 different plant sources. The Kaizen vegan protein comes from a complete protein blend of pea, rice, potato, chia, quinoa and hemp. This ensures you get a complete amino acid profile which is hard to find in many plant based single source proteins. Protein plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy metabolism, hormone production, and supporting tissue repair throughout the body. If you follow a strict vegan diet it can be very difficult to ensure you’re getting enough protein with every meal.

Regardless of activity levels, everyone needs to eat enough protein each and every day. However eating enough protein is not always easy. Kaizen vegan protein makes it easier to ensure you’re getting enough protein each and every day. Kaizen vegan protein is an excellent protein supplement to use daily along with whole food sources of protein suitable for vegan or vegetarian diets. It’s also naturally sweetened using stevia and contains no artificial sweeteners like aspartame.


  • Contains chia & sprouted quinoa 
  • Dairy free
  • Complete amino acid profile from vegan protein sources
  • Contains 16% of your recommended daily intake of fibre


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