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Flavour: Fruit Wheels
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Now, imagine a protein powder so powerful it could keep you in an uninterrupted muscle-building state for full seven hours – sort of like being on muscle-building cruise control. Not having to take the product multiple times throughout your day or worrying if you were at risk for muscle breakdown. Just pure confidence knowing that once you put in the initial work (in the gym, on the field, or wherever your active life takes you), PROZILLA® would do the rest. It wouldn’t just meet your immediate protein needs … It would feed your body with a steady stream of amino acids to keep you covered ALL day.


  • Delicious cereal milk flavours without any of the guilt
  • If you are trying to put size on, Prozilla is a great addition to any meal plan. It has enough protein per serving to build dense, lean muscle mass.
  • Perfect tool for post workout recovery. Whey protein is the easiest digesting protein form and will allow you to recover quicker from your hardcore workouts
  • Prozilla is a great way to activate your metabolism, burn more fat and suppress your hunger. It will be optimally digested with no bloating or gas
  • Canadian Made


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