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Benefits of L-Carnitine

  • Supports Transport of Fats to Muscle Tissue
  • Supports Overall Body Fat Reduction
  • Helps Increase in Lean Muscle Mass
  • Delays Fatigue during Physical Activity
  • Supports Muscle Tissue Repair

    BOOM SPORTZ introduces L-Carnitine Capsules in the form of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, one of the world’s most bio-available forms of L-Carnitine.

    L-Carnitine aids in the muscle recovery process by reducing muscle tissue damage associated with a resistance training regimen.

    L-Carnitine is a great Antioxidant & helps support fat metabolism and oxidation.

    L-Carnitine helps support muscle tissue repair in individuals involved in resistance training.

    L-Carnitine is a great workout supplement that delays fatigue during physical activity and helps improve physical performance when used in conjunction with a training regimen.

    Suggested Use

    Adults:  Take 3 Capsules 2 times per day.  Take 2-4 hours prior to exercise.


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